Terrorist Tea Pot

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Bloody Good Stuff from our Shop: the Terrorist Tea Pot!

The Terrorist Tea Pot is a set including the tea pot and the balaclava tea cosy. For those of you who like the technical info the pot holds 1.5 litres (50 Oz) which will make you 5 or 6 big cups of steaming hot tea!

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  • Liam

    Your website is disgusting! Not only isit extremely offensive Your terrorist teapot is promoting the act of terrorism as a joke. Terrorism is no joke! i wander what the News Papers would think about this insane and extremely offensive product that you are selling. Im sure victims of terrorism would not appreciate it! This is a DISGUSTING! way to earn money. You are in fact PROMOTING TERRORISM AS COOL!

  • http://hindiakoto.wordpress.com/ Jenn

    This is bad-ass!