Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

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“Gingerbread men are a delicious holiday cookie, but the ones we make have a twist. The cookie cutter we use, you see, cuts a wee little man shape out of your rolled gingerbread dough, while the other side presses a cutesy little skeleton into the surface. The finished cookie looks like a Gingerbread x-ray. A GingerDEAD man, if you will.”

You can find Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter on Thinkgeek.

Ghastly cake

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Geeks of Doom received a ghastly cake as part of a promotion for FX’s new series American Horror Story:

“Go register at, which goes fully interactive on September 9, to gain exclusive access to the horrors and perverse mysteries tied to American Horror Story. Those of you who register through our link will have the chance to receive an actual Living Room-related artifact of your own; you’ll also able to upload artifacts relating to the Living Room to help piece together the mystery of the house.”

[via Super Punch]

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