Thomas Paul

Welcome to the world of Thomas Paul. (via Street Anatomy)

Melodie Mousset

Eyeball, by Melodie Mousset...

Victorian Headless Portraits

19th Century Headless Portraits: "A number of Victorian photographers combined images from more than...


Ninja Coat Hooks

Bloody Good Stuff from our shop: if your secret desire is to become a Ninja, these Coat Hooks are wh // more

Joris Kuipers

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Joris Kuipers‘ installations are inspired by bodily cross-sections from MRI scans and CT scans:

“Joris Kuipers’ works find their origin in historic, scientific and/or anatomic sources ranging from the woodcuts by Andreas Vesalius to CT-scans, MRI-scans, autopsy images and the plastinations by Gunther von Hagens. As in medical practice, Joris dissects the body layer by layer. After this fragmentation, the body is rearranged in a non-rational manner, in order to reveal emotional significance.”


Detoxication-V detoxication-raw oo-Detocication-XI