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Project 12:31

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Death Glam Couture

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Bloody Bathrooms

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Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

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Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

How will the Universe die?
Everybody dies. The universe too? Well, probably. What are the current theories about the end of everything? And how creepy exactly are these theories? (Spoiler: very creepy). But there might be hope…

Philipp Dettmer is an information designer based in Munich, Germany.

‘I lend visual form to complex subjects from all kinds of fields. Using educational film, infographics and illustrations, I strive not only to make knowledge more accessible to audiences, but also to convey memorable insights and reveal new connections within the subject matter’

Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

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Wilfried “Sätty” Podriech

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Wilfred Sätty

“There really is another world within our world. Through the imagination you can see it. It’s a matter of will. Almost everyone can achieve it if he activates only one centre of the brain at a time.”

Wilfried Sätty attempts to implement his vision through a fantastic and massive occult collection that dates back to a 1630 alchemy text and a 1648 magic and healing hook. The old volumes have mystical artwork that often inspires him and becomes part of his alchemic experiments with art.

Further reading: Zpub, I Want You Magazine, Tumblr, Goodreads.

Wilfried Sätty

Wilfried Sätty

Wilfried Sätty

Wilfried Sätty