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Brush Footwear

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Brush Footwear - Grey

Brush is committed to providing the highest quality artwork through innovative designs in fashion. Each pair of shoes is hand painted and designed by artist and founder Benjamin Smith. He spends hours scrutinizing and refining the details of every shoe making each one a unique piece of art. Each design is limited to ensure exclusivity to patrons.”

A visit to Aitor Throup’s Studio

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Aitor Throup

“My work is a constant battle between my want to be creatively expressive or explosive whilst at the same time being extremely calculated and literally conceptual. There’s an on-going desire just to draw, paint or sculpt but there’s also this extremely painfully analytical mind. It’s like I suffer from it at times, I can’t switch it off and I have to make sense of everything, the two sides contradict themselves at times.”

The entire interview with Aitor Thorup is available at Style Salvage.

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