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The hand granade oil lamps

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hand grenade oil lamps

The hand granade oil lamps are made from actual US Army surplus grenades and gilded in gold, silver, or left natural. Each gets its distincts shape from the job it was designed for – fragmentation (pineapple), smoke/flash bombs (lemon), or high impact explosive (ball). This ice breaker will shatter even the thickest weirdest ice.

By Piet Houtenbos, get them here.

Calories bomb

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calories bomb

Easter is every year again a huge chocolate battle if not even a perverse chocolate orgy.
The average European household consumes more than 1kg chocolate every Easter.
So what about rather investing in high quality chocolate, maybe from your closest chocolatier, then spending a lot of money on cheep poor quality chocolate that makes you afterwards cry about new grown fat pads ;)?

Calories bomb is a project by german designer Raphael Volkmer.

(via core77)